2018 - February

Anyslide Goes Facebook

For all social media pathologists, Anyslide now offers direct sharing of public histology images on Facebook. Connecting Anyslide with your Facebook account is real easy. Simply start sharing your first image as described below. You can even sign-up/log-in with your Facebook account!

1. Pick an image you like to share with your Facebook followers and select Share on Facebook from the Share menu. If Anyslide is not connected to an Facebook account yet, the authentification is now processed.


2. Back on the image sharing view, select and then confirm the image region for your post.

3. The Facebook posting card opens, already including image preview, description and link to Anyslide. Add any message for your post.

4. Define posting mode (on your timeline, on a page you manage, etc.).

5. Define who should see your post.

6. Hit the Post Button



Try out the new User Profile - Tell us more about your work situation, area of interest/sub-specialty or digital image source.

With Anyslide becoming the #DigitalPathologyHub, get a head start by shaping your Anyslide user profile at an early stage. This way you will be able to benefits from future networking features and enables us to tailor product functionality even better to users' needs.

Log in today and fill your profile - updates are possible at any time. 


Get interactive - Add Links to your postings

You can now add URLs to your image and case descriptions, comments and even into annotations. This facilitates interlinking of your shared images with other related Anyslide cases and images or external resources such as research articles and further online information. 


Simply copy & paste a URL (for Anyslide images you can even copy the URL of a specific zoom stage or area of view). The link will become clickable and shortened for a cleaner presentation. Try it out today!