Start working digital today

  • Hardware independent: Upload any image (JPEG, PNG, WebP, TIFF, GIF, and SVG) or live capture images from your microscope camera

  • Anytime, anywhere: Use Anyslide on smartphone, tablet or desktop computer

  • Quick Start: Sign up or login with Google or Twitter and just start sharing your images

  • Free service: Use the basic functionality of Anyslide for free

  • Tailored to the needs of pathologists

  • All steps to accomplish your tasks unified in one app

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  • Upload or live capture a snapshot of your microscopic image

  • Annotate images and add your personal watermark

  • Optimize image exposure through white balancing

  • Share your images by e-mail, link or social media


  • Upload or live capture a snapshot of your microscopic image

  • Describe and annotate your image

  • Set access rights (view, edit, manage)

  • Invite a colleague by e-mail

  • Discuss your image with annotations and comments

Fields of application

Anyslide can be applied to a wide range of applications in education, research and professional exchange. Here are a few examples.


Share pathology images with your students.


Share your histology findings and collaborate with your colleagues.

Professional Exchange

Share and discuss interesting cases with other pathologists.

Why Should you Use Anyslide?


Tired of waiting until your lab goes fully digital?

Use your microscope camera or a smartphone to acquire pathology images, take them to Anyslide and benefit from the digital pathology revolution today!

You would like to work digital but there is no budget available at present to transfer to digital pathology?

Well, you're one click away from getting access to the benefits of working with digital images, like online collaboration, smart archiving and keyword indexing. And you don't pay a penny!

What about all the effort to change to a new system, install and integrate with existing infrastructure?

Anyslide runs in the browser and hosts all images on its own secure data server: No installation or integration efforts needed. No need to talk to your IT department to get started, just open your web browser!

Too busy during the day to exchange with colleagues, work on publications, or manage your social media activities?

With Anyslide you can share and access, edit and share your images anywhere, anytime - no matter if your are using your desktop computer or your mobile device.

Fine, so what exactly does Anyslide offer?

Anyslide is driven by pathologists' work-flows and dedicated to reduce clicks for specific tasks:

  • Public sharing via social networks: Upload, describe and annotate your exciting findings and share them e.g. on Twitter. The clever part: With Anyslide you can tweak (annotate, white balance, watermark etc) and tweet your image in one single app.

  • Online collaboration with colleagues: Privately share and discuss cases by granting access to specific users and let them comment on your conclusions.

Read more in the Anyslide product brochure

About Us

Anyslide is a service by microDimensions GmbH based in Munich, Germany. microDimensions was founded as a spin-off of the Technical University of Munich in 2011 and is a provider of software solutions and services for the processing, visualization, and analysis of microscopic image data.

The product portfolio includes Voloom - a software for 3D reconstruction from digital histology slides, Slidematch - a software for the alignment of whole slides for multi-stain analysis and the free WSI viewer Zoom. microDimensions also provides custom software development and services and has many years of experience in working with pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and digital pathology solution providers. Based on a deep understanding of pathological workflows and know-how in digital image processing, Anyslide was developed to support any pathologist in working with digital pathology images – no matter if in research, education or clinical routine.

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